Cavour genius and nobility

Sunday, 24th February - 10.30 a.m. - Castel of Grinzane Cavour "Cavour genius and nobility"

The last page of reality, curiosities, surprises about one of the great fathers of the Italian Unification. 

A fast, brilliant, new conference-meeting organized by the Enoteca Regionale Piemontese Cavour in collaboration with the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba.


Ore 10,30.          Institutional greetings.

Ore 10,40.          Cavour "prophet" in his house: the environment, his private letters.

                           Rosanna Roccia (DIRECTOR OF THE "PIEDMONTIAN STUDIES" MAGAZINE)

Ore 11,00.          Cavour, a statesman between plain and hill.

                           Roberto Rosso (ADVOCATE).

Ore 11,20.          Cavour and women: Nina and the others.

                           Maria Enrica Magnani Bosio (HISTORICAL, WRITER).

Ore 11,40.          Cavour noble father of the environment.

                           Gian Mario Ricciardi (JOURNALIST, WRITER, ALREADY MANAGER RAI PIEMONTE).

Ore 12,00.          Aperitifs